The Kennington take on the Danish Rugbrød. This 100% Rye is dark and chewy with liqourice overtones. A Scandinavian delight.

Our natural 100% Rye Leaven, Stoate's organic stoneground rye and cracked rye, sunflower seeds and anis seed. Tak.

Stoate Organic Rye Stoneground Organic Strong Rye Flour and cracked Rye from Cann Mills, Shaftesbury - Minerals, oils and FLAVOUR
Rye Leaven Our own 100% Rye leaven, fed daily. The Copenhagen has three "builds" over 48 hours for depth of flavour with balanced acidity
Cornish Sea Salt Cornish Sea Salt
Sunflower Seeds A little touch of texture and flavour to compliment the Ryes
Anise Seed What would Scandinavia & Finland be without Liquorice, but just a little


  • Weight: 450g
  • £3.50

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Tags: Copenhagen, Scandinavian Rye, Anis seed, Cracked Rye, Sourdough